1. About Poirot


    Poirot is an elegant, blog aware, static site generator to create, manage and publish websites with reproducible content using R Markdown.

    Installing Poirot

    Poirot is still under development and can be installed from github using devtools. You will also need to install the development versions of slidify and slidifyLibraries.

    install_github('poirot', 'ramnathv')
    install_github('slidify', 'ramnathv', ref = 'dev')
    install_github('slidifyLibraries', 'ramnathv')

    Poirot uses markdown for text content, knitr for code chunks and mustache for templating. Poirot is highly extensible using widgets. As a publishing framework for data scientists, Poirot comes pre-equipped with support for math, visualization and tables.

    Reproducing this Blog

    Once you have installed Poirot, you can reproduce this blog by cloning this git repository, running blogify, opening a web server and navigating to http://localhost:8080/posts on your browser.

    $ git clone git@github.com:ramnathv/poirotBlog
    $ cd poirotBlog
    $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
    $ open localhost:8080/posts

    You can generate your own posts by clearing out all files from the posts folder (except for config.yml), tweaking site.yml and posts/config.yml and running blogify("posts") from the root directory.

    How to contribute

    You can fork the repository on Github.


    All the content in this blog is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. This site is hosted on GitHub Pages and uses a modified version of purus theme.